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Dental Care for Children

childrens dentistryDuring the formative years of their life, it’s vital for children to adopt healthy dental habits that will continue throughout adulthood. At Hocking Dental Care, our dental specialists can provide professional dental care for children of all ages. We are committed to advocating dental hygiene and encouraging good dental habits, including regular brushing and the avoidance of excessive consumption of foods that damage teeth.

How We Can Help

At Hocking Dental Care, we offer comprehensive examinations for children. These check-ups involve checking children for tooth decay, examining their bite, and looking for potential oral issues such as gum and jaw problems. They also give us the opportunity to discuss any dental developmental issues a child may be facing, as well educate parents about the importance of maintaining their children’s dental care to avoid serious problems in the future.

Our dental care for children also includes assistance with a range of traumas and emergencies, including knocked out teeth, chipped teeth, root fractures, and more. We pride ourselves on providing our services in a friendly and welcoming environment that is free of unnecessary stress and anxiety.

We recommend organising examinations every six months to monitor the development of your child’s teeth. This will also help build up the comfort and confidence your child feels when visiting the dentist.

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Hocking Dental Care is a leading choice when you need professional dentistry for children. Contact us today to learn more or arrange an appointment.